Fiddler on the roof – The Documentary

The documentary film, currently in post-production, is a work by renown Croatian film director Silvije Petranović. The film follows the many layers intertwining in the story of Lekenik and The Fiddler on the roof:

  • a story of Hollywood crew meeting locals in a small village in the communist Yugoslavia in 1971.
  • story of Branko Lustig – Croatian Jew, survived Auschwitz as 11 years old, worked in local production company and met a crew in Germany. Brought them to Croatia. Continued his career in Hollywood, winning 2 Oscars for producing The  Schindler’s list and The Gladiator.

  • recently discovered Lekenik’s Jewish past – Julius Mann, a local Jewish merchant, who was one of most important people in the village, established local firefighters brigade and local football club.  Killed in the Holocaust in Croatia in 1942.  Left behind a golden cigarette box, still kept in the village

  • story about the project from the beginning until present day – interaction of children from the SOS village with the children from Zagreb Jewish school