Center For Jewish Education Rimon provides educational services for governmental institutions and civil society, giving not only introductory courses, but also in-depth studies of topics like: Jews and Land of Israel, Place of Judaism in interreligious dialog, Jewish identity in contemporary society, Theology and religiosity of Jewish thought, and many more, all of which are also available for English-speaking audience.
Knowing how important education of younger generation is, we also try to create contents for kids under the age of 12 that will inspire them to find worth in Jewish heritage.
Rimon is simultaneously trying to enrich Croatian cultural scene with Jewish content stressing the importance of artistic production, and competent reflection of Jewish experience.
We collaborated with Croatian Ministry of Education,  Embassy of the State of Israel, Zagreb Tourist Board, and the City of Zagreb with great results.

“Tel Aviv- virtual heritage” a photo-exhibition marking
100 years of establishment of Tel Aviv city.

Building upon the idea of Tel Aviv being a city of future we assorted exhibits
taken from biggest photo sharing Internet site Flicker and combined
them with, what are considered, classics of early Tel Aviv photography.
In this manner we presented a living dialectics of Tel Aviv, a city
that like no other evolves and continuously reinterprets it’s urban
meaning. exhibition was followed by a short guiding tour through
virtual Tel Aviv (represented by numerous multi-medial sources
collected from internet) by one of its residents. As Tel Aviv is
known for its leisurely life style, we opened a lounge room where
the typical Tel Aviv food was served – no, not falafel, it was sushi ;)
while space was filled with energetic soundscapes of famous Tel Aviv band – The Apples.


  • “From Sinai to cyberspace 4000 years of Jewish experience”
    Was an educational seminar for public that spanned over a semester and
    was made possible through cooperation with institute “Ivo Pilar”
    ( and Chabad Croatia

    Addressing a popular demand for academic lectures on wide range of
    topics concerning Judaism, we developed a full educational course
    comprised from 3 tracks: Hebrew language (Sonja Makek), Jewish history
    (mag. Naida Michal Brandl) and Jewish thought (mag.phil. Vukan

    “Jerusalem- from birds perspective” a photo exhibition,
    made possible by cooperation with Israeli embassy in Croatia and
    department of Jewish studies, commemorating international Holocaust
    remembrance day.

    In order to inspire hope on a day of commemorating tragedy, we decided
    to offer an insight into fulfilment of a promise that Jerusalem will
    be a city of peace not only for world Jewry but for all nations of the
    world. That promise was fulfilled in no other time so fully as in a
    time after one of the greatest tragedies of humankind the Shoa.
    Opening of exhibition was followed by a lecture on history of Jews in
    Croatia and development of early Zionism in their communities.

    “Toward a local Jewish identity” – a workshop of arts and crafts that
    is trying to complement traditional Jewish artefacts with uniqueness
    of local Jewish identity.

    Using multiple creative methods – sewing, painting, songwriting and
    like, we are trying to contribute with content that will find its
    place on Shabbat tables, wedding ceremonies, festivals or produce
    decorative objects that are a unique blend of local tradition and
    Jewish heritage. Project is trying to offer a solution to a problem
    that all European Jewry is facing in the aftermath of Shoah loss of
    local Jewish identity. Project is a workshop based on teamwork and
    led by a professional hand of Mirjana Devčić.

    “Classics of Chassidic thought” – a course in Chassidic thought based
    on textual sources which tends to give an “inner” look on dynamism of
    Chassidic spirituality. In addition, it is trying to promote awareness
    of unique contribution of chassidism not only to Jewish thought but to
    the world thought at large.

    “The David Project” is an educational project that is trying to
    inspire strong voices for Israel through dynamic educational seminars,
    workshops, and curricula, made possible through collaboration with
    renown non-profit organization “The David Project”
    ( Goal of this course is to offer
    effective tools instrumental in combating, online and offline,
    propaganda directed against Israel, Zionism and the Jewish people.
    Materials are provided by The David Project organisation.