Visitors centre and the museum

This is the site of the future visitors center and a museum in Anatevka. We are planning to renovate the old house that featured in the Fiddler on the roof – and to create a place where interaction of the local community with the film crew, during the filming, and it’s aftermath will be presented. Also, this is the perfect setting for telling the amazing story of Mr. Branko Lustig, a Holocaust survivor, who brought the Hollywood crew to Lekenik, and continued with fantastic career in Hollywood, crowned with 2 Academy Awards, for producing The Schindler’s list and The Gladiator.

Furthermore, we aim to present the Lekenik’s forgotten Jewish history , namely Mr. Julius Mann, a local Jewish merchant, who, among other things established the local football club and volunteers Fire Brigade – both still operating, and are remembering Mr. Mann through their documents and yearbooks.

Even more – this is a perfect place to host seminars, field schools and day trips, with Jewish subjects, considering it’s context and its great location (just 30 minutes drive from Zagreb, and Zagreb Airport), for everyone that wishes to visit Croatia as a tourist. Summer of 2013 has seen over thousand visitors arriving to Lekenik, mainly from Israel, to experience Anatevka.
We believe this is only the beginning.